Need to transfer pictures, computer does not see phone

I need to download all my pictures and move them to a new phone. I have tried Windoes and Linux, usb 2 and 3 ports, different cables, 3 different Linux computers, none of them can see my phone, not even the computer that I flashed the phone with!

I am hoping there is some simple setting I have overlooked. If not does anyone have a suggestion, other than loading 900 photos to nextcloud?

Thank you in advance!

Use Sailfishconnect from Storeman/ and kde connect on Linux. It works over WLAN/LAN and is really fast!

Settings → USB → MTP seems to be the only relevant setting, you can always just use scp if you can still ssh to your phone on wlan

it’s fast but there’s no way to bulk send, at least for small batches…supposed to be coming in an upcoming release. In this case you can zip the whole lot and transfer.

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Thanks! Even after doing this it took 2 computers, usb2, and 3 damn cables for it to finally show “mtp mode in use” after I changed it in settings.