Need some help with setting a custom ringtone and message alert sound

do the files need to be in a certain format?(mp3,flac etc.)
where should i store them,music folder?
also, is it as easy as “right click” and set as ringtone?

Either should be fine, ogg (vorbis) and opus should also be fine.


Are you using Sailfish OS?

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secret mouse mode …,

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i meant the equivalent of a right click;should be a long press or the sorts i suppose.
meaning having a context menu on the music file itself,as opposed to going to the sound settings,and having to browse to the location of this file.

That would be a feature of the app - I know of none that do it this way.

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i just copied a Flac file to the Music folder in the Mass Storage,went to the File Browser,and see no option to set it as a ringtone.
neither under the Phone sound settings,i see no way to add a custom ringtone.

Take a look at here:

Ambience settings offer you the possibility to choose a custom ringtone.


You can set music files as ringtones using either Settings->Sounds and Feedback, or Settings->Ambiences->(select an ambience)->Add Actions->Ringtone.

The latter method will set that tone only while that Ambience is in use, or until something else changes it again (you, or another Ambience).

If using a dual-SIM phone, there should be an option to set a different tone for each SIM, but I’m not sure where that setting is.

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i was able to do it through Ambiences (as instructed by the manual :man_facepalming:)
Thanks a lot