Need icons for my two apps


i have two apps for which i do not yet have an icon. So far i am
using the SFOS default app icon, which is not really nice. However
i lack the skills to create a nice looking SVG Icon for the app.

The apps are:
Banking App using the proprietary REST API provided by comdirect (
App that displays the incidents / problems with public transportation in Stuttgart (

The icons should pick up the colors from the linked homepages - apart from that
feel free.

If you are interested in creating an icon, please contact me, so we can
talk about it. You help is really appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Is this supposed to be a payed gig?

Another question: are the logo’s from the website free to use?

Well, it is only for the fame :wink: Since there is no way to monetize the apps and i do them in my spare time (without any payment as well) - i do not really want to pay for the icons.

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Hi, i guess the images / icon on the homepages are not for free usage. You take some inspiration but i would prefer not to copy them to get in any legal trouble.