Need help testing 4.1, aarch64 Videoworks

If anyone has a bit of time, I’m stuck debugging Videoworks | — Community Repository System

I don’t have a 4.1 device yet. I just need to know if the app opens video files on 4.1

I can do it on a Xperia 10 ii.
After installing the aarch64 version, it doesn’t manage to load the video files.
Which log file could I send you to help?

Doesn’t seem to work for me. pulley/picker behave normally, but after selecting video, it just goes back to main screen with no video …

That suggests ffprobe is not there. hmmm. Terminal output would be great:

# which ffprobe 

/usr/bin/ffprobe (hopefully)

Also, which ffmpeg, please.

if that’s there:
rpm -q --whatprovides /usr/bin/ffprobe


Both ffmpeg and ffprobe seems to be in the (not installed) package ffmpeg-tools.

Ah! Odd, I thought they were always installed. Hmmm. Is this a bug or ‘progress’?


Could my willing bug squashers please try to install:

zypper install ffmpeg-tools.

And let me know if that does it. Hmmm.

Thanks again!

That seems to do the trick.

Does that mean that pre-4.1 installs (seemed to) have these installed by default, but 4.1 doesn’t? Anyway, isn’t it as simple as adding or modifying the Requires: line in the spec file?

Yes, ffmpeg-tools was installed to support the web browser as explained to me by vige.

Sadly, this is not a Requires that’ll work in harbour, but it should work for chum/open repos.

For me too. It’s now able to play the loaded videos :slight_smile:

confirmed - working now …

Thanks guys. I’m rebuilding the 4.x series an uploading.

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Just a note, the last build had broken saving. That’s fixed, on openrepos, with