Native octoprint client

hi All,

i have searched openrepros but i could not find a.native sailfish octoprint client for 3d printing.

does annyone know a native application to connect to octoprint ?

also i have printoid premium installed via aurora store on my xperia 10 (sfos4), but it will not start.

Maybe someone have any hints for me to both of the tipics.

thank you very much!

br Thomas

I don’t know of any native client, but OctoRemote (installed via Aurora store) works fine for me.

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I got it running using Debian with lxc via Containers app, but can’t test to see if it works…

First screenshot shows it running on SF terminal via lxc attach, and second one is on Linux desktop X-session …

check it out - I got it working …

I used set up info from with a few tweaks…

Still can’t say if it will actually connect to a printer and print, but seems promising if you’re interested …

So, seems like it works fine on Sailfish side, by installing the zypper-equivalent packages, but SF browser can’t handle the site, (at least the browser in 3.4 - maybe the new one can). But Opera on Android does fine with it.

btw - I know this doesn’t answer your question about a native client, but just thought it might help, in case you didn’t know you could do it this way…

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thanks! octoremote and octoApp are working both fine on my Xperia 10. i just missing some features from printoid Premium like 2 cameras support for checking my printer.

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thanks for the answer. this is a little above my skill level :smiley: but good to see that you got octoprint running in sf. i have mine running on a raspberrypi2B about 1,5years now connected to an modded ender3

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