Native linux browser on sfos

i to.revive an question.
with the browser outdated, it is the main reason for the need of android-support

could we try to bribg sone decent linux browser to sfos instead ?

there was a native linux desktop telegramm versiion available.a while ago.
so how hard is it and which browser / distto to use ?


Since the supplied browser has not been properly usable for a long time, this may be a good (interim) solution:

… and for the sake of completeness also:

(Many thanks to Leszek for all of his helpful tips).


Making Flatpak available on SFOS was mainly to get an access to updated web browser. I am using and contributing the code to Angelfish which is default browser for Plasma Mobile. It is based on QtWebengine and is able to run on Wayland. I would recommend to use that and, if something is missing for you, consider writing the corresponding feature. Iff SFOS gets updated Qt, it will be relatively easy to port Angelfish to Silica (or maybe even better, make Kirigami/QtControls style for SFOS that would allow to use Kirigami apps unchanged).


As I have been asked

How to access context menus if I disable shortcuts on the bottom panel of Angelfish:

  • open angelfish
  • place a finger on the bottom of the screen in the center
  • slide to the right while keeping finger on the screen
  • The context or main menu will open and you can access Settings (or other items)

With a more modern wayland protocol support we could also have firefox running on it. In some form at least.
But they said they might fix that (the protocol).


Accessing context menus for angelfish only worked from tabs view in my case.
Thanks @rinigus for your help.

Otherwise, playing a song on youtube and switching to another tab was working fine a few hours ago.
And I just redid the manipulation, it cuts the sound.
In the meantime I modified some scaling / DPI settings but it would surprise me that it was linked to that. Do you have any idea for that?

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One more way, as found by @leszek: you could use one finger to fix the application, let’s say hold in the middle of a screen. With the other hand, swipe from left or right. Then SFOS will not swipe app out, but will forward the gesture to the app and open the menu.

As for changing the tabs and listening on the background - it maybe related to some memory management of tabs. As for why it kicks in, I don’t know.


just installed flatpak
thanks !


Does anyone know how to delete cache, data, cookies etc. in angelfish?

It is all under ~/.var/app/ You could even wipe it all, if you wish