Native internet calling option (via mobile data or wifi) available?

Is there any native app in SailfishOS which works for calling via mobile data?
Background is more or less the observation that I barely use my phone number anymore. Dropping the phone number one day and just go with a mobile data SIM or even wifi-only seems an interesting idea/experiment to me.
However I find calling via Android apps (Telegram, Threema, Signal) very unreliable on SailfishOS. Frequent problems establishing a call, depending on the connection type (wifi, mobile), the OS of the recipient or simply the fact that incoming internet calls are not popping up on the main screen but just in the notification hub.
I didn’t find a native app so far which allows internet calling, am I missing something?

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Yes :slight_smile:


also yottagram (native telegram client by @Mister_Magister ) claims to support voice calls, but I didn’t try it.



how dare you


If you want to drop your phone number make sure that you are still able to make emergency calls. Afaik that’s not always possible.

Sorry, I did not want to enquestion your description. Only thing I feared is that changes in sand boxing and/or telegram API destroyed the funtionality meanwhile.