Native Group Chat and MMS

I know this has been a sore spot for a subset of Sailfish users over the years, but it would be great to know if Jolla has any plans to support multi-recipient “group chat” for MMS messages. I understand this feature is more popular in the U.S. than in other areas, thus it is not high on Jolla’s priority list because their focus is on non-U.S. markets.

Is there a feature update coming soon that will include this?

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I just bought a Xperia 10 Plus and Sailfish X in hopes of finally using it as a daily driver. I switched over my sim and was all set to go. Within 30 mins I had a text message notification that was stuck downloading. Then 4 more on another contact. Double checked all APN settings. Then it hit me these were contacts in a group chat I had on android. How does Sailfish not supposed group chat? So disappointed that I am stuck with android again.

I’ve been able to receive group chat messages, but only over mobile data and never when I’m connected to WiFi. However, I can only see the original sender (not the other recipients) and I cannot send a group chat as a reply. (This is via US T-Mobile, not sure how well other carriers work).

Would love to see this as a new feature.

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I just repeat that the RCS services should be implemented…

+1 T-mo user in US. Downloading MMS works over LTE so I have to turn off WIFI whenever MSS message received. Group message do not work. Willing to donate $$$ to solve this issue… currently considering to relocate to EU to be able to send/receive MMS and group messages :wink:

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Also willing to donate dollars to get this fix. +1 T-mo user in US. :slight_smile: