Native cloud client and video player suggestions

Hi! I’m using the latest SFOS on Xperia 10 III.

Google Drive works well with microG for me, howevever are there any native file managers with any popular cloud integration? Any Google Drive/Box/Dropbox, etc. I know there are used to be many options, such as FileCase, but in all of them cloud integration seems to be broken. Is there a working native option at the moment?

One more question is video player, what is the optimal way to watch a 30 GB movie? In terms of playback stability and battery life. Should I use the built one, android VLC or a native option?

Sounds like an X-Y problem to me.

Answer is: you shouldn’t put yoursef in a position where that is a question. Choose a format suitable for a mobile device.

Raw 4k rips (or MRT scan data) do not belong on a smartphone.



Cargo Dock seems to work ok with dropbox and webdav cloud services.
I was not able to enable access to cloud services with FileCase, i remember it used to work long time ago unril services apis changed.

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Tried Cargo Dock, for Dropbox the message ‘Authorization required’ pops up with no way to log in/add credentials

Ok, please suggest your preferred way of watching any .mp4 video on SFOS (if you think watching videos on a smartphone is normal, of course)

I mainly use the stock player, Gallery, and at 720p resolution because anything larger is just dumb. IMO. Feel free to disagree.

I sort of agree, albeit I’m still curious what max resolution and size I can play (can’t find this in documentation).

I have no problem with playing 1.5 GB H.264 .mp4 of 1024x426 resolution in Gallery, although for Xperia 10 III screen such video seems a bit pixelated. At the same time, 14 GB .mp4 of 3840x1600 the Gallery app apparently can’t play.

Therefore I wondering what exactly the limit is

My native cloud client is called sshfs

edit: curious question: If I create a new account for one of the cloud protocols/providers, does that automatically include filesystem integration, or how can one then use it?

I’m not sure of the answer, but I have 2560x1440 videos that play on gallery. On the phone (GS5/Volla22) I record in 1920x1080 which is just ok.

I think most of the cloud providers support fused sshfs? I’m not 100% certain, but I believe so?

That will very much depend on HW decoding support and CPU power right?

And the former is implemented via gstreamer and its android plugin. So that in turn depends on support in Andoid Base (AOSP or Sony). Is that right?

And even if there is HW decoding, you still have to have the right variant/profile/… of the video codec.

Well, yes, yes and yes. :slight_smile: The testing I’ve done is now a bit dated, but in doing work on Videoworks, with gstreamer gst-launch and some SDL texture map foo last year, I managed on the GS5 to get fairly decent video performance. I was/am assuming hardware (gpu) mp4 acceleration was to thank for that. But, I haven’t done any testing recently. And I frequently do too many things in parallel.

Is there a concrete reason you ask? I can certainly play 1920x1080 mpeg 4 videos without issue. That’s on the 4GB GS5 with @piggz port. Using the cameras is a bit dodgy (more so on the rephone) but with the right incantations I’ve managed (can’t reproduce at this moment) 2560x1440 video recording!

It works if you tweak it, see:

First link should fix login issue, second the fact you’ll have to readd the account every 24h as that’s the token life currently (which is why jolla’s account integration requires the same every 24h, surely fixed in 4.6 right?), but just removing the token will relog you back in if you save password in new webview