Native browser bug - Impossible to accept and closing a cookie confirmation window

As of today, many sites (I’d estimate 60% at least) are opening a frame over the site content on loading, to give the choice of what doing with cookies or other things. I noticed that most of the times the native browser can’t handle properly the button pressing, resulting to be impossible to close the frame and stopping the possibility of navigating or displaying the site… this bug is very annoying.
I could replicate this behaviour many times, but until SFOS (which I’m currently using) so I don’t know if it’s relatable to 3.3 also or if it has been fixed along developement. Someone noticed that?
EDIT: examples


Did not yet happen to me.
What does ‘as of today’ means?

An example page would be good…

Occurs to me too - many times


With which sfos version?

Ah, now I get it…
You mean this one

That I can workaround most of the times by tilting the device

Reminds me of this here

the quoted message, popups of this forum unreadable with SFOS browser.

And in general this is a continuation of

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@d.d: Frankly, I am not sure. Presently, I am on - but I am not sure when I had this bug the last time. Inte alia because of this bug I stared using Fennec with AD

@peterleinchen: I encountered two types of bugs, the one you are mentioning (tilting helps in most cases, but not always) and another one, where the “accept Cookies” button would simply not respond.

Presently I try to reproduce the second bug.

But 3.4 shall bring us a new native browser anyway … Let’s see


Yes, you are right.
Did not try to push any button on that popup! (does not work, popup keeps staying in the way)

What a mess!!!

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Yes I am referring to the second bug, pressing the button doesn’t close the window… I think because the button pressing is not even performed. Any chance it is fixed with 3.4 or next versions? It’s very annoying, you cannot read or navigate the site at all

Fixed in 3.4 for the two mentioned websites.
I’ve observed that often, it works if you try to click a bit above or below the button. By firing multiple clicks all around it finally trigger the click in many cases :laughing:
But let’s hope for Gecko 60 in the next release!

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I have this same problem in many sites.I have newest version of sfos am new with sfos, is there any good alternative browser?