My jolla tablet can't work,I need help

Excuse me, everyone.

A few days ago, I asked in this forum how to have a Jolla tablet. Fortunately, I found it on a second-hand software platform. However, without a few happy days, it can’t get into the desktop.

Well, when I upgraded from sfos1.9 to 2.0, there was no problem. But the next update, it let my tablet crash. When I downloaded the update package, I was prompted to install it, and I did. When I was installing, the progress bar was stuck in the middle, and then it was still like this after a long time. So I forced it to shut down. When I restart it, it can’t go into the desktop. It’s always in the logo interface. So, I guess it collapsed. So I use putty to restore my tablet to the factory settings. However, when I select 1 in recovery, it always prompts “2 logical volume (s) in volume group” sailfish “now active”. Then there is nothing left. It is stuck here all the time.So what should I do,by the way, my tablet is aigo x86.

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Quite unclear indeed if it is doing something, has finished resetting and is ready to reboot, or failed.
My best tip would be to leave it alone for an hour or so, and then reboot and see what happens.

I have only recovered my tablet from the menu navigated by the volume and power buttons, never connected over telnet. Maybe you will have better luck doing the same?

It seems updating to Sailfish OS 3 through the GUI is broken somehow, and people (including me) have better luck doing it from the terminal.

Last night I tried to connect my jolla tablet with the computer, and then use the computer to restore the factory settings to the tablet, but this morning, PUTTY has been quit, the tablet is also closed, I think it may be no electricity, then I will re-re- Start my tablet,it is still stuck in the logo interface.And you said you could update it to 3.0 to see if it would be better, but I can’t get to the desktop and I can’t open the developer mode.

Sorry about the noise. I must be misremembering that i was able to initiate recovery from the built-in menu. I guess the way you did it is the only way.

The note about how to upgrade past Sailfish 3 was for later when you get it working, to avoid getting the same issue again.

Never mind.So now it makes me very sad.When I first took this tablet, it was an Android tablet, and then I turned it into a SFOS through some tutorials.And then I was lucky, and now I want to change it again in the same way, but it doesn’t work.