My First App & How To --- a Question from a daft beginner

Does anyone have a simple explanation on how to get “myfirstapp” or self-made app in general on the Phone?
The build works just fine (I think) with the Qt creator but what do I do after it? I get the app on the emulator but whatabout the phone?
How do I login on the Build Engine (Picture)? What userid/pw is it?
Do I even need to do anything there?

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Here you can see how to add a phone as device that you can deploy to. Then it is as easy as with the emulator.

I don’t remember, should be searchable. But no, you shouldn’t need to do that basically ever.

Happy hacking!

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Thanks. I thought I followed that instruction…Iĺl re-read / re-do.

You can do with ssh (the sshkey path is specified somewhere in Qtcreator settings) or nowadays with sfdk engine exec -t bash on the cmdline.

Like it was already explained above, it’s really rare that you need to do that. Also, -t bash is not necessary, by default sfdk engine exec will execute bash.