My 10th Anniversary

Today it is exactly 10 years since I first started my Jolla Phone.
Haven’t used anything else but Sailfish since, haven’t even looked for anything else.
In short, I fell in love with Sailfish right away, from day one.

Thank you Jolla and all app developers!


Congratulations! Ad multos annos!

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Hope to read your 30 years post in 2033.

@eson <3

@WT.Sane Wouldn’t that be 20 years (and 30 years in 2043. -Edit 2044…)? Unless you’re a time traveller from ten years ago.

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Acctually, you both got the numbers wrong. :laughing:
2033 would be my 19th anniversary, and 30 years would be 2044.

20th anniversary (2034) I can hope for but I guess I’m to old for the 30th, I don’t think I will make it. But I do hope Jolla and Sailfish will. :slightly_smiling_face:


@eson: i am one year behind you but except of this fact I can confirm everything you wrote in your first post.
Keeping my fingers crossed the development will go on for many years; have no idea what to do in my mobile life beyond sailfish :wink:

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Ah… forgotten the important part:
Congratulations! :slight_smile:

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Yes, but that is because i time travelled from 2023 to this year less than a month ago, so pardon my dilation. (Also maybe i’m a bit jet lagged.)

Also should i add, my J1 is from april 2015. Covered in mothballs.


Time is an illusion. Anniversaries doubly so.