Music Player with library feature for SFOS

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For years now, I have used QuasarMX as my music player in SFOS and was really happy with it. Since switching to a Xperia 10 II, I’m looking for a similar player as QuasarMX currently does not offer a build for arm64. Unfortunately, the project seems to be dead (no reply to my request). There is a beta build for arm64, but I’m not into paying the full license fee again for a beta version.

I’m looking for a media player which has a library feature. I want to have a library where all music files from my sd card are listed, sorted by artist and album. From the library, I want to dynamically generate the current playlist (e.g. pick an artist and select the album from the list to change the current playlist to contain all songs from this album). Bonus points for additional features like equalizer.

Anyone knows if there is a similar music player which supports arm64?

Thanks already.


Same with me. All other players suck. IMO the best we can do is to persuade Meteora to publish 64-bit build. I’ll buy a license once there is build for my Xperia 10 II. Project is not dead as they still have sailfish on the supported OS list. Send email to and we might get lucky.

Try GitHub - equeim/unplayer: Simple music player for Sailfish OS

Project is not dead.
3 month ago I send an mail to and ask
for a 64bit build and few days later he send my a build version 1700.
And in the meantime, in my prerelase download area on there homepage there are some new builds. At the moment there is a working version 1724.

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I didn’t know about this. I downloaded it to my xperia xz2c and the font size is tiny…is there a way to fix this? I need a magnifying glass and pressing the settings button is a challenge given it’s so small

You might find Deadbeef Silica useful. Folderbased structure, Equalizer, gapless Playback, native UI…

It has been years since I used QuasarMX (Unplayer and Deadbeef work for me better), but I seem to recall that you could scale the UI from settings.

Thank you all for the hints. I tried Deadbeef Silica but either missed the library part or don’t get used to the folder selection handling. But I will definitely try Unplayer, this looks promising.
I contacted the QuasarMX dev about 2 months ago via mail but didn’t receive any reply, so I assumed the project is dead and those were automated builds. Awesome to hear that this may not be the case and there is a chance to get QuasarMX for aarch64.

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After sending another polite mail I received the QuasarMX beta version for aarch64. Now I can continue using what I believe to be the best music player for sailfish.

QuasarMX 2.3 has been released. Aarch64 version, too.

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