MPRIS and SFOS browser

Is it possible to play music (video to be exact) on youtube and be able to get the info (track artist etc) on a connected BT device?


Yes, just use Firefox on Android App Support and it does.

I don’t have android on my device and even if it was possible to have it i wouldn’t. This is a SFOS issue.

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Shouldn’t this work with microtube as well?

I believe its up to the app to implement.

this is very bad advice. If we need to use Android to get this working then why do we need SFOS at all?

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I understand your viewpoint. But I am very happy with Android in SailfishOS :slight_smile:

But yes, I am afraid, it isn’t implemented in any app I know off. :frowning:

For amazing UI, real multitasking and such?

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You don’t need Android. You need a properly written app which happens to run only on Android.
Feel free to upgrade the SFOS browser to support this, it’s open source. I will use it too.

Isn’t browser one of the “closed” parts of SFOS?

No, it’s been open sourced years ago, unless my memory is giving up.


It is supported by hutspot, for instance.

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It’s also supported by donnie (upnp media player) …

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