Move search function to the bottom

… and on the top of the keyboard when its visible.

Given that phones become bigger/longer the search becomes difficult to reach. Ie. open the documents app, use the pulley to show the search and its near the top of the screen. If moved to the bottom it would be much easier to reach.
Also if put on the top of the keyboard when it is visible it makes it easier to move the text cursor and edit text.

What instance of search function are you referring to?

Basically any search that appears in SFOS is on the top of the screen. From mail to contact to documents to apps like seaprint etc. Needs to be positioned lower in order to eliminate long reaches.

So, I think it’s done from app to app. You can see here, in line 62, cide for “pull down menu”

and one of the “menu item” entries is for swarch.
You could create a new line for “push up menu” and copy the search code there, and then you would have it on the bottom…

Hmmm. I don’t mean the position of the search option in the pulley. I mean the actual search where you type the text. Ie open the documents app, use the pulley to show search. Its on the top side.

a screenshot of what you mean would be good…

Pretty sure @ApB means that it (the actual text input box) would be attached to the keyboard, just over the suggestions. Interesting idea, but all apps would need to actively make use of that, if it is added as an option… breaking backwards compatibility of apps even across one version.

You got me on this one… I’ve tried many things, but far as I can tell, anything labeled ‘search field’ is automatically placed at the top, under the page header. I tried anchors bottom on many files, and even moved the code for search bar to the bottom of the file, but it’s always at the top.
I know that harboir-editor app shoes a search fiekd the way re describing:

but the code is unusual - it’s not coded in a typical qml ‘page’ file, but in a separate python file specifically for the search field.
I wonder if it’s not currently possible in SF, except maybe by coding a search element, and applying search functions to it, or…?

What the screen you put shows is what i mean for when the keyboard is visible. :slightly_smiling_face:

Makes it far more easy to reach and edit text than having it way up on the screen.

Also the other part of the suggestion is that when a search text input box is visible (like the one in the peoples app) to be at the bottom. Taping things on the top of the screen is harder.

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My old rail app has a search function, at the top of the page. I wanted the cursor to appear in the Search box each time that page was accessed. I used Component.onCompleted call it.

This way, the keyboard pops up, no need to physically tap in the Search box to get a cursor.