More generous screen orientation selection

a tiny little request of something that have troubled me for some time now:

In sailfish 4.4 It is possible to select the following the modes:

  • Dynamic
  • Portrait
  • Landscape

This is kind of troublesome for using Sailfish X on GeminiPDA which is a foldable phone in landscape mode.

Particularly because selecting “Landscape” will render the screen upside down.

One might think that selecting Dynamic would be a good solution, but the sensor is somehow calibrated to be right side up when holding the device upright (imagine the device flipped open as a laptop, and then rotated 90 degrees towards you, so the keyboard is orthogonal to the table)

This means that in everyday usage, the screen is constantly on the edge of flipping upside down, and also sideways.

I will suggest looking into adding at least the following fixed screen orientation:

  • Landscape (Upside down)

and possibly also:

  • Portrait (Upside Down) - the current portrait configuration feel counterintuitive, as the hand holding the phone will cover the front facing camera.


I cannot confirm this.
From the pulldown menu, I can unlock rotation, rotate the phone any one of 4 directions, and then lock it in place.
Mine’s an Xperia XA2 though, maybe what you’re experiencing is device-specific?



I saw the orientation option in the pulldown menu, but didn’t realize this possibility. Maybe I was in portrait mode while I tested it.

Problem solved!

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