Modem manager integration?

Any good way for us to add modem manager? With Modem manager, can we use a dual-SIM phone and have a SIM for Data and a SIM for calls and texts?

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Modem manager works on the pinephone with (VoLTE) calling and such, would it be possible to add support?

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The SIM you choose in Settings => Mobile network => Mobile data is used for mobile data, the one you choose in Settings => SIM cards => Calls and messages is used for voice calls and SMS/MMS messages. No VoLTE though (yet).

2 Likes Any way I can compile this for SailfishOS using the SDK?

This ModemManager thing looks like a piece of NetworkManager which is an alternative to ConnMan, and ConnMan is so deeply rooted into the guts of Sailfish OS, that I would say - yes, you can probably compile it but there’s no way you can actually make any use of it.

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Speaking about ConnMan, I find it very difficult to find documentation to use it and configure it.
Are there any good sources/examples of information and use beyond the typical manpage and the sourcecode?
I would like to use Wireguard as an VPN solution in my device, but ConnMan is always interfering and it is not very practical.

Sorry for offtopic. :wink:

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There seem to be things missing from Connman… Or rather, some stuff is just not set up yet…

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I noticed that in the ofono logger app, that some requests seem to come and go from AlienDalvik, so when my Xperia 10 Plus gets here, I want to try to do some changes to the settings and such. I think I can force it to enable, if I enable VoLTE in the base Android before I flash SailfishOS, but if I can do that then it’d be a step in the right direction…

I will also try to find where the VoLTE setting is logged to, and see if I can modify the AOSP stuff in the main installer folder to try to force it to work… If all else fails, I wonder if a “Bind-3G” approach could be made to forcably redirect 3G to 4G LTE… The original modules are in the phone’s files tucked away in the /vendor directory, but I think that there’s not just one answer or workaround to this…

I wish I knew a bit more about the backend… I’m at least halfway decent on understanding some things…

I think I will create a thread for getting VoLTE working.