mObywatel complains about encrypted storage - Polish government document app

This can be tested out by just installing the app from e.g. Aurora Store, it shows the message immediately after launching, and then quits, you don’t need to log in.
mObywatel is a Polish government app that allows you to have your ID, as well as many other (vaccination certificate, driving license) documents in your phone, so you don’t need to carry your documents around.
Unfortunately it has never worked on an SFOS phone, neither on aliendalvik’s Android version 10 nor 11, on my Xperia 10, with newest microg installed.
When you launch it the app says:

“You are likely using an app encrypting data. mObywatel is securely encrypting data and doesn’t require any additional protection. Please install mObywatel without the use of other applications.”

Only other reports I got from people getting this error are users of Samsung Knox.
Can anybody help to figure out what it is complaining about? Can we hide some parameter from this app so it works successfully?
I have contacted the devs of an app saying it doesn’t work on Android 11 AOSP, not mentioning it is actually in a compatibility layer, and their response was this:

We kindly inform you that the application is not designed to be used on modified versions of the operating system and it will not be possible.

So not much of a help :confused:

Nice moment to stop using it if it really does all those things! :wink:

I have heard about requiring encryption, but refusing to work with it is certainly something new. It boggles my mind that government services are allowed to be run that way, excluding people from service for arbitrary reasons. Here that’s left to private interests, and that makes us even more sorely out of luck. But let’s not get too political.

Maybe logcat from the container can tell you something about what it doesn’t like.
devel-su lxc-attach -n aliendalvik /system/bin/logcat


The only suspicious output I found is this:

01-12 12:02:50.926 1739 1739 W .nask.mobywate: Accessing hidden field Ljava/util/Collections$SynchronizedCollection;->mutex:Ljava/lang/Object; (greylist-max-o, reflection, denied)
01-12 12:02:50.936 1739 1739 W .nask.mobywate: Accessing hidden method Ljava/util/Collections$SynchronizedSet;->(Ljava/util/Set;Ljava/lang/Object;)V (greylist-max-o, reflection, denied)
01-12 12:02:50.936 1739 1739 W .nask.mobywate: Accessing hidden method Ljava/util/Collections$SynchronizedCollection;->(Ljava/util/Collection;Ljava/lang/Object;)V (greylist-max-o, reflection, denied)

But I don’t think this is actually related to what it is complaining.

Very good advice! Spying software doesn’t like any competiiton at all.

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