Mobile OS maker Jolla is back and building an AI device

JollaMind² is coming


Color me skeptical. I don’t see anyone really getting more use out of AI than shoddy Siri suggestions like it was 10 years ago, and new cool hallucinations. But i also know that the good folks at Jolla have higher standards than that, so let’s see what comes of it. :slight_smile:


Just another parrot-device. What about taking the money and create the best mobile operating system and make it a primary in europe and not to blow energy into useless technology?


Probably the last thing I’d need.


Nice i would buy it directly when it comming out…

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I guess investors have to be pleased and AI is hot these days.
But I agree 100% with you.


We will get regular updates of SFOS back, right? \o/


All this “AI” mania, reminds me of the bubble. In the name of the game a lot of companies, even those that had little or nothing to do with the Net, changed their names to have, dotnet or something. If I do not mistake was also a candy producer company that changed the name having dotcom in it, just to fool the investors. Same today with AI. Most of you from the forum hardly remember 2008 economical crisis, I do not have expectations to remember 2000 crisis which was worse than 2008. But hey, we never learn from the past don’t we?


What was the name of the previous SFOS “AI”-based phone? It ran on kickstarter, iirc?

Not sure if it was AI, but a scammy type phone was the Turing Phone?


Exactly. Thank you sir!
This one Turing Phone review: Futuristic-looking liquid metal Turing Phone promises total hacker protection (hands-on) - CNET
They made it to the market tho, which is not a simple feat…
EDIT: duh this one runs android. I guess they didnt get SFOS on it after all.

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They haven’t been able to get enough funding for this for over a decade. Just because it’s the “new” Jolla now doesn’t mean investors magically changed their minds. They had to come up with some new buzzword-filled nonsense and this seems to be AI at the moment.


I got a Turing phone a few years back and the had back then Sailfish OS on it…


There is one available on ebay:

I still don’t get what is so special with this phone.


… But the time is ticking:

They will never have the same innovative UI but they work and the developers listen to their customers.
(but native gnome shell mobile - not phosh - is nice too)


gnome shell - oh man I hope its more solid than on my desktop :smiley:


Guys. Topic.   


Just a thought why they do is this Rabbit Hole R1. This device does not have apps because apps are the most disturbing thing for the consumer (says Rabbit Hole). The consumer does not like transparency and wants magic. Now german telekom also presented some ai-stuff without apps at mwc.

I am lucky with (~30) apps. But the common consumer with his thousands of apps and no control on them will be happy without them. As they are happy with a gpt which answers stories better than thousands of bad answers on a search engine because they never learned how to ask.

Quality doesn’t count. Same with security.

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Release sceduled to May 20, maybe we will have Sailfish 5.0 with AI at the end of the year??

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