Mobile network only 2G. Diagnostics?

For something like half a year I have only been able to get 2G connection. Sometimes the phone claimed to be on 4G, but the speed was still 2G-like. I thought it was a hardware problem and that the phone was showing first stages of planned obsolescence.

Then - as by divine intervention :innocent: - in the holidays between Christmas and new year, I suddenly had full 4G connection!

Now I can’t remember the name of the tool used to diagnose hardware issues and how to use it. Is it csd or something?

Sony Xperia XA2 single SIM (my partner using an Xperia X on same OS level has no problems)
Provider Danish CBB mobil

It’s called CSD tool, you can kaunch it by opening the Settings application, tapping on About product, then repeatedly tapping on the Build number

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Thanks :+1:

Both 3G and 4G fails so probably hardware I guess. I bought a replacement SIM-card but no difference there :unamused:

Unless there are other ways the test can fail, I will mark your answer as solution?

I am not sure how sailfish os deals with baseband updates or if at all. It might be worth flashing android and updating to the latest baseband.

Maybe someone can give insights on how and if sailfish os deals with baseband. If it does not we could collect information on how to best update and check for updates in the first place.

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I’d suggest to reflash entirely android with Emma Flashtool, see if under Android ( 8 or 9 I Guess on the XA2 but check on Jolla’s tutorial) if it’s working under 4g correctly.
Then flash on top of that Sailfish again.
As far as I know, you can’t update baseband over Sailfish, only flashing Android firmware

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Thanks @hennsch and @Valorsoguerriero97
I will try to find the energy and focus to reflash the phone. I don’t have much of either these days.

I’m currently downloading - could you point me to the instructions on finding an android image and flash it?

The Technology field should have:

  • gsm for 2G
  • umts for 3G
  • lte for 4G

A document to read:

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Thanks @jovirkku

Yes I see; it shows gsm for both 2G, 3G and 4G. Bluetooth and GPS also fails.
Well, it looks like I’ll have to find someone with a Windows PC :thinking:

I once tried to run emma in a VM and assign the USB device. But failed to do so and ended up needing native windows as well.

The reason was the connect sequence where that USB device needs to be connected to the Windows right away. If Linux connects first and you reassign the USB device to the VM, you get reconnects which make the phone leave the flash-mode.

One way to work around that could be PCI device assignment, where you give the whole USB controller to the VM. But that really only works if you have multiple USB controllers, because otherwise your host looses all input devices.

That said … for emma a native windows is unfortunately the way to go. Phone repair shops in bigger cities will likely have such a setup ready to use.

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I think I’ll start with asking the neighbours :slight_smile:

I have had Emma working perfectly well in Windows 10/11 on both VirtualBox and Quemu. That is with my X10III. The same setup did not work at all with my old Xperia X.
So, you could definitely try with a VM first.

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