Mobile Data not working under COOPVOCE Sim carrier

REPRODUCIBILITY: Tested on 2/2 different devices (it’s a 100% issue)
OS VERSION: Latest 4.4 “Vanha Rauma”
HARDWARE: Xperia 10 iii
UI LANGUAGE: Italian, English


I realized - through a customer with a SIM COOPVOCE operator - that the Xperia 10 iii do not surf online via a modem. Normally working under Wifi instead…
(Coopvoce is a minor Italian operator, supported by TIM but which is starting to create its own network…)

More detail:
Strangely the Xperia 10 II is not affected, and also the customer’s Jolla Phone is normally surfing via COOPVOCE mobile data.
Maybe there’s some change related to 5G code?


You need a COOPVOCE italian SIM and a Xperia 10 iii


Activate the phone

  1. set on ON the mobile SIM
  2. insert manually the APN: following:
    (Configurazione internet per smartphone e tablet | CoopVoce)
  3. Select the sim for mobile navigation
  4. Try to navigate with the Browser


There’s not page load and phone is stuck in the default page (that with some yellow background)


A brand new phone

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He will surely need to provide some logs from ofono logger. More details here. Please note that some sensitive datas will be collected.

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Both have the common nominator of data working on an earlier phone models. The problem is not with the WiFi (wpa_supplicant) but with the ISP’s ASN (ofono) implementation. Only Jolla can fix this… Please make a zendesk ticket with your ofono logs. Meanwhile, you can try IPv6-only type of ASN configuration, if available from the operator. If it is IPv4-only, you would be probably out of luck before (if) there will be fix of us suffering from this.

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Hi thanks for your contribute! Now one between me (next week) or the user will post the LOG ofono.

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Here linked the ofono log

I replicated one more time the issue on another device (3/3).


Rather difficult to handle as this requires specific operator but logged this internally.

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