Mobile data not working on Xperia iii for Mobile Vikings BE

Mobile data is not working (shows.‘limited connectivity’. Imho it can be related to the mnc setting for the service provider, since mobile vikings changed already 3 times the carrier network they use. And as I look into /system/etc/apns-conf.xml the mnc seems to be from the previous carrier network.

However correcting this didn’t solve the connection issue.
Apn is correctly configered in the interface, but mnc values cannot be changed there.

Were can I correct the apn settings on the device and putting the right mnc.

Check out this repository: GitHub - sailfishos/mobile-broadband-provider-info and specifically this line.

@pherjung your link is to mobile vikings in Poland not in Belgium

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Oh, my mistake. Thanks for the check, I was going a bit too fast and wasn’t paying attention.

And there is a mess in mobile vikings be.
It’s in two sections


MNC is wrong. It should be 30 not 20.


Is there a way to correct that on the device itself?
If so, in what file?

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probably here /system/etc/apns-conf.xml.

Had found that one, but changing it to the correct values didn’t do the trick unfortunately…

Any idea where the network and apn settings of the current sim 1 and 2 are stored?

I got a new sim from my provider, but with the same issue.

Tried a working sim (in android) from another provider in sailfish, and got the same ‘limited connectivity’ problem.

So it is not only related to the apn settings of Mobile Vikings.

I read some other reports of broken 4G on Xperia iii, but none of the mentioned workarounds seem to fix it…

Any sailfish dev around???

Are you using OS version

This is indeed my sfos version

postpaid and prepaid

Internal issue report was created about the incorrect MNC of Mobile Vikings Belgium.

Yes but first is in Base provider section and second in Mobile Vikings provider section.


Mobile Vikings used the following networks since they are active in Belgium: from Base to Orange and than to Proximus.

When using the sim in an Android phone, now the Proximus settings are used and working, although on the Mobile Vikings Belgium site they report other settings, referring to their own MNC… when selecting the mobile network manually on SFOS it also showed only the id of Proximus …

This website says that the MNC of Mobile Vikings in Belgium would be 30:

MCC MNC ISO Country Country Code Network
206 30 be Belgium 32 Mobile Vikings

Do we know if this is correct?

Can you show us you apn settings on Android?
Would be easier with this knowledge.

Seeing how @pvs doesn’t reply I will post my access point settings from a working Android phone as I’m having the same problem (though I must admit that I’m still on

These are configured based on a guide from Mobile Vikings:

This seems not correct as Mobile Vikings use the Proximus network when i check the Mobile Vikings website it would be MNC 01 and not 30, i will change it manual on my device and check if it works next week i have my data simcard and then i will make a pr to change it to correct the MNC code.

Here is the links where you can found the correct one: