Mobile data access for Android apps

Last week, I installed Sailfish X using the instructions here: How to install Sailfish X on Xperia™ 10 on Windows - Jolla on a Sony Xperia 10 single SIM which was running Android 9. If there is no wireless network available and I use mobile data then try to use an Android app, e.g. Fennec downloaded from F-Droid, the app reports there is no Internet connection. If I use the built-in Sailfish Browser for the same websites, that works. I have mobile data and WLAN enabled all the time. Disabling then re-enabling mobile data has no effect. When I have access to a wireless network, Android apps behave as expected.

My SIM is from Lebara in the UK, who use the Vodafone network, and the APN settings are correct.

I am currently using Sailfish with Device Adaptation

Is this expected, or is there some setting I need to change in order to allow Android apps to use mobile data?

Have you tried restarting networking when you get not data on Android? And/or restarting Android support? (or ultimately restarting the device?)

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Android App Support is known to lose the internet connection sometimes/often when the phone switches from WLAN to mobile internet connection. You can try to restart the Android Support to fix this or if you don’t have mobile data quota and have (reasonably) fast mobile plan, just keep the WLAN off.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately, restarting Android App Support had no effect. Disabling WiFi also had no effect.

Thanks - rebooting seems to have fixed it.

I literally had to restart the network subsystem (via sailfish utilities) to get internet back on whatsapp just now.

I have same issue on
The resolution for me was to enable roaming for the mobile network
Let me know if it worked for you please. I was planning to file a bug, but the community is so unfriendly and I have too much to do, so that I put a low prio on this.


I already had roaming enabled, so it made no difference. Rebooting the phone worked. I did not know how to restart networking at the time, but now do, so I will try that next time it happens.

I tried the phone today with WiFi disabled and it worked on mobile data without any problems.

When I have problems with android apps and mobile data I swich wifi off an wait for 5seconds and switch wifi on again. Then I’ll be asked by the system which sim I want to use for mobile data (I’ve 2 sim cards ) and then every thing is working fine again.
I run in this problem when I leave my home ( wifi) regularly and I use a 10 III as my daily driver.