Mobiilivarmenne fails on Xperia 10 II

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 100%
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product): (Kvarken)
HARDWARE (XA2, X10, X10 II, …): Xperia X10 II - Dual SIM
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): ?


Trying to use Mobiilivarmenne on a 10 II does not seem to work. I have set up the system identically to my older Xperia XA2 Ultra where this works fine.


Have a mobile phone with a Mobiilivarmenne SIM in it.


  1. Visit website (eg. ) that can ask for authorization using Mobiilivarmenne
  2. Send out authorization request to your phone number


Authorization request arrives, you can use pulldown menu to accept it, and then give your mobiilivarmenne PIN number to send out the accepted authorization.


Authorization request arrives, but the pulldown menu stubbornly stays empty and thus you cannot accept the request, and can never proceed to the PIN entry.


Simultaneously, something fishy happens with the “Elisa” pseudo-app, which I guess is a bridge to applications run on the SIM. When you try to use the application directly, you get a message “no SIM apps available”, it closes itself, and the whole “Elisa” app disappears from the Sailfish app list. After a while it will again re-appear on its own in the main applications list.
Attempts of trying to use Mobiilivarmenne will also cause this app to disappear for a moment.

Thanks for your report. There will be a fix for this on OS release 4.3.0 (but not yet on 4.2.0).

Note: The mobile certificate is broken on some SIM cards while the rest (like on my Telia SIM) work fine.


The above problems happen with an Elisa SIM. Thank you for the report on the fix.

I have a Telia SIM but it’s not working. I never receive the authorization request. Also trying to do activation again doesn’t function.

Should I go get a new Sim? If the fix ain’t coming in the next release it’s gonna take months, right?

As detailed above, I do receive the authentication request but am unable to acknowledge it, so your problem sounds a bit different?

I would suggest trying out the same SIM on a known-to-work (non-10 II) Sailfish or Android phone, to see if the issue is with the phone (operating system) or the SIM mobiilivarmenne mechanism itself?

Well, I had the same SIM on my Xperia X where it worked fine. So I think this is somewhat related to your problem.

As expected update to Verla did not correct this. I’ll just have to wait for 4.3.0.

I have a Telia sim and I just tested: drop the sim into old xa2 and mobiilivarmenne works just fine, switch to 10ii and it is dead. As the same sime works in the xa2, how could it be a problem in the sim? And, more interestingly, do I have any chance to get mobiilivarmenne working before 4.3.0 as that is prone to take ages, as we are just about to get 4.2.0 released?

Just tested with and still not working, unfortunately still as expected.
My guess is this issue is due the 32-to-64 bit architecture change.