MMS Does Not Send Nor Recieve On Sony 10 Xperia III & II With US T-Mobile & Red Pocket (Reseller)

MMS working on GSM-T network on a 10ii. APN: pwg, Protocol: Dual, Authentication : None, Proxy address:, Proxy port: 80, MMSC:

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OK, hopefully someone else ends up also benefitting from this…

My MMS reception and my son’s have both been resolved…No changes on our devices. I called T-Mobile, told them that both our phones worked for years, and a few Mondays ago they stopped. It took quite a while to get through tier 1 tech support’s list o’ things to do, and ultimately she submitted a ticket for tier 2 to investigate.

I didn’t get contacted or notified that things were resolved. Oddly enough, it was a Monday when it stopped working and this past Monday when they started working. The first indication was a friend sent me a photo via MMS. Then I received a group text that I could actually download, open and read.

I then sent tests to and from my son’s phone and his worked, too.

I simply don’t know how much of this is on T-Mobile USA and how much is with Sailfish. But perhaps some others may have similar success.

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Thank you for sharing this experience with us; Perhaps the next logical step then is to contact T-Mobile support as you did.

I wonder if it is possible if you can somehow give them a call back, or so and inquire what T-Mobile support had done to resolve the issue, if you do still have the case number or ticket number.

With Red Pocket service; they would do a ‘reset’ on my phone number that is associated with my account to resolve previous issues. Of course, I am not sure what ‘reset’ entitles other than as if I just had obtained the phone number account.

Thank you