MLS Manager doesnt work

trying to use Puremaps and MLS Manager install, I dont get my location in the right place at all. Something I can do to fix this, or is just something that doesnt work?


I already answered you on OpenRepos:


Thank you for your feedback…let’s start to analyze your problem!

Some questions:

  • Do you get a horizontal accuracy in pure maps or not? When you get several km accuracy in some seconds everything works as it should.
  • Country?
  • Sailfish OS version
  • Is high accuracy mode turned on in location / GPS settings (phone settings)?
  • Did you restart your phone after install. When updating I need to restart my device sometimes to get it to work. Didn’t figured out yet what is the problem here.

This software only provides offline data for Mozilla Location Service. This will not give you an accuarte fix at all, it only helps to get one. The accuary is several kilometers depending on the cell towers / data in your area.
I also have a XA2 and sometimes it get a real GPS fix in seconds and sometimes it will take a long time or even doesn’t work at all. But this is related to the GPS / Hardware Adaption of XA2.


question 1
I dont get any horizontal accuracy. I am in Denmark, and it says that I am in Africa

question 2

question 3

question 4
location and high accuracy on

question 5
phones restarted

again doesnt work at all.


actually it seems that you are the only one facings this problems?!?
I am only able to test my own country data at the moment. In normal cases I travel a lot but this is not possible at the moment :roll_eyes:.

Maybe something is different on your device?!?
Let us try the following in terminal:

ls -l /home/.system/usr/share/geoclue-provider-mlsdb/

Is there a folder with the country code as name (e.g. dk)?

ls -l /home/.system/usr/share/geoclue-provider-mlsdb/

Is there also a folder with the country code as name (e.g. dk)?

ls -l /usr/share/geoclue-provider-mlsdb/dk/1/

Do you a see symlink like the one below?

lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 62 Apr 4 11:16 -> /home/.system/usr/share/geoclue-provider-mlsdb/dk/1/

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thanks for your time.

seems that everything is in order in the terminal