Missing "System reset" option on German version of SFOS

Could please somebody check if on the German version of SFOS, the “System Reset” option is available? For whatever reason my phone does not show it.

Yes, ‘reset’ option is present. It’s the last item in Settings / System / Info on the bottom of the list. In German version called ‘Gerät zurücksetzen’.

Xperia 10 / SFOS .

Thank you for sharing, I am happy to note, it’s missing on my phone, while my son’s phone shows it at right the position you just mentioned.

Thank you for the confirmation, now I need to investigate why it is not shown on an Xperia X II.

Ah, X II… There are a lot more bugs as on older phones. Please write a bug report, so Jolla gets notice of it and the bug so can better be fixed!

It is possible that you are using Sailfish FREE, as I am on Xperia 10 ii, this means there is no Reset option at the bottom (or near) of the Settings menu, this means you reflash, not reset.

See last comment from @jovirkku;

System reset is not supported on that device, as stated in the release notes.

Device? there is no mention of device type, rather which Software type; Free or licensed.

There is no partition for the factory-reset image on Xperia 10 II. Therefore there is no option for the factory reset in the Settings. Instead of resetting the phone, it can be reflashed.

Edit: my first post was not in reply to you, I was still searching for the link, when you posted :wink:

The OP never mentioned device type, was my point.

No, this is a fully licensed version of SFOS.


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DUH, ok, never saw that limitation in the release notes, thank you for bringing it to my attention.

Case closed I would say.

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