Factory Reset impossible on Xperia 10 II

Hello, I want to factory reset my Xperi 10 II. I can’t find an option in the phone under Settings. How can I reset the phone?

Settings > System > Reset device (at the bottom)

no is not available. strange

Interesting, it is really not there.
First i thought it might be one of those convenience things that are hidden in the free version, but it is really not there on my regular Xperia 10 either.

I wonder whether it’s possible to factory reset it using Recovery mode described here. It’s strange indeed that it’s not included in the settings as usually and even more stranger if not on X10 with full licence.

There is no partition for the factory-reset image on Xperia 10 II. Therefore there is no option for the factory reset in the Settings.

But you can reflash the phone any time.