Missing space before punctuation in French typing

Maybe this could be placed under “bug report”, but it may get more visibility here.

In French, the punctuation sign with double strokes, like ‘;’, ‘:’, ‘?’ or ‘!’ should be preceeded by a (non separating) space. On the keyboard with text prediction, when you select a word, the word is inserted with a space after. Then, if you press one of those punctuation sign, the space is removed and the punctuation is appended just after the word.

This is appening on an Xperia 10 ii and is a regression with respect to JollaC for instance where the space were preserved for double stroke punctuation but suppressed for single ones, like ‘.’ or ‘,’.


There’s this patch: Patch: XT9 improved punctuation handling | OpenRepos.net — Community Repository System

I don’t know if it’s compatible with SFOS 4.x, though.


Oh, nice, I didn’t know it was in QML. I’ll see later if it can fit 4.4.0 on 10 ii. Thank you @ichthyosaurus.

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Just fixed this. Aarch64 specific.


Did you test it on 4.4 and did it work? A fix in the system is nice but as long as it’s aarch64-specific people may need a patch…

I didn’t test it. From my understanding of the bug I reported here (regression with respect to JollaC on Xperia 10ii), it is happening in the closed source binary libjollaxt9plugin.so.

The problem was that thread.language that is used to apply the tweaks depending on laguage (either the native one on ‘?!’ or the extended ones by your patch), was emptied at object creation in the QML. So the tweaks were not applied. I think what @pvuorela fixed, was to bind this property to the proper keyboard.language value.

I thank you @ichthyosaurus for the pointer to your patch, it helped me to find the culprit and @pvuorela to fix it easily.

I see, thanks for the explanation!