Missing SMS send intent from Android Support

All the payment apps in India uses SMS sending ( some apps also check by reading) to authorize the smartphone and login into app.

When I was using Intex Aqua Fish the compatibility layer of Android 4.4 had this feature but I am using xperia 10ii and android 10 support does not have such functionality making all of those apps unusable.

It would be great if Jolla can add those lines of code in newer versions too.


So the issue is that When an Application tries to make a phone call, It sends Intent to phone application but when It sends Sms It uses Smsmanager library which tries to send sms to phone which of course it cant do in a container environment and the message is always stuck at pending which can never be read by another app even if it is set as default SMS app.

But It can be intercepted by A default SMS App only If somehow a call to SMSManager library always Fails or is Fakely marked as Sent.

I would suggest not to mark it as failed because the application reading on delivery status will throw error right away.

So as an Android App developer I was able to create an Sms app which can read sms (failed one) and send a direct intent to native Messages App.

Still It wasn’t useful at all as Smsmanager already told the Android Application to give up.

I am now waiting for a change in Android layer code on which a call to sms manager library is fakely marked as sent. Rest my application which can listen for a sent sms in background can handle.

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