Missing harbour validator

After some update I lost Harbour Validator from the side bar of my SDK. Is this a feature or is my installation broken?

Your installation is not broken. You can run the validator as part of the deploy process, or from the command line using sfdk check command.


Thanks for the hint to check the package with a command line sfdk check command. Following the instructions https://sailfishos.org/wiki/Tutorial_-_Building_packages_manually I made a short help for validating:

First navigate to your RPMS folder.

Second make an alias:
alias sfdk=~/SailfishOS/bin/sfdk

Third config the target:
sfdk config target=SailfishOS-

Fourth check your rpm:
sfdk check harbour-math-teacher-0.0.9-1.noarch.rpm


Just curious: is there any reason why it has been removed?

Thanks for the hint about improving the instructions :slight_smile: - I added a chapter there:

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We reached the point where native UIs existed for all use cases originally implemented by the Control Centre. There was no point in keeping those duplicated given the maintenance cost it meant.

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