Missing Double Tap gesture dearly

I really enjoyed the double tap feature in Jolla 1 more than the finger print sensors in the Xperias. But ever since Sailfish X came into play, this feature has been listed in known issues only. Why is the double tap to wake up screen is taking so long to be implemented? Is it possible for someone to explain on the technical (or whatever) difficulties?


Welcome to the club.

The only Sony devices that offered double tap to wake (in android) were the Tama ones and those are not officially supported for SFOS -community port exists. But as it seems its not a feature Android people care about and haven’t seen it mentioned for any other Sony device. Might have missed it but anyway.

I think i remember someone saying that the screen controller (or touch) needs to support it in its firmware but take that with a grain of salt.


That was the original answer on why it’s not in there.


The post you have shared has mentioned the issues faced after enabling it. But my question is - what is stopping the Jolla guys from fixing it?

i guess specific h/w features are required to be implemented efficiently, otherwise it will have big impact in battery consumption. interestingly some xperia phones like the tama ones can be activated by picking up the phone