Minor typo in documentation ~ ambiance or ambience?

https://docs.sailfishos.org/Develop/Apps/UI/#reflect-your-ambiance     // ambiance ?

Further into that heading, we find the original spelling ambience not ambiance as in the title…

No biggy, just thought I’d point it out.


Thank you for your report! Maybe you would also like to fix it yourself and get your contribution recorded in the history :slight_smile: If so, check the “Edit this page on GitHub” link on the very bottom of the docs page.


Thanks, @martyone ~ yes, I am aware of editing these pages. I created a github account many years ago using an email I no longer have access to.

I have since contacted github about this but have not received a reply and promptly forgot about it. So I have just mailed them again to try and get some resolve. If not, I will create a new account and make the edit…it really is about time I started uploading some of my personal projects to github.

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Excellent, I am seriously looking forward to this.