Minimising the need for users to install custom repos

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I’m not disagreeing with your argument here, but this isn’t a solution that will resolve things for @nshiell right now, so I’ve created this separate thread for further discussoin.

As an aside, if you click on the date of a post, you can reply in a linked topic like this. Since the forum doesn’t have threading, it’s a good way to continue valid but potentially diverging topics.

Thanks for creating the linked topic. As for the above, I’m posting using the SFOS Forum viewer app on my XA2 and I’m not sure that functionality is available?

Ah, yes, my description was for the website. I don’t see a way to create linked topics from the app I’m afraid.

One of the things I love about Sailfish is the nice clear and uncluttered UI on apps, and actually even the fact that most Sailfish apps are usually not ‘functionality rich’ but still do provide the essential functions for use. So I tend to use apps where available even though they may be less functional than a web-site equivalent, much better for my old eyes!

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In the past the Jolla Store also offered some Android Apps. That feature has been mostly reduced, only leaving Aptoide and F-Droid. While I appreciate that the latter has been added, I think there’s more potential, e.g. adding Aurora as a better alternative to Aptoide or actually Google Play Store. Adding popular apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal etc. would minimize the confusion and effort for newcomers. I guess there are legal limitations with re-distributing WhatsApp, but I think it should be possible with the others.

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Aptoide should have been deleted from the Jolla Store years ago, when they started to have security breaches regularly (the latest big one on 13 April 2020), but even before that they distributed a lot of Malware disguised as well known apps.
Unfortunately Jolla decided to rename the Aptoide client app in the Jolla Store to “Store” instead (which also “solves” the issue of distributing a malware channel on first sight), which is akin to setting up a trap for SailfishOS users from my POV.

Adding the Aurora Store app from F-Droid (i.e., compiled and quality assured by F-Droid) to the Jolla Store would be great!
But while Jolla never seem to have cared about the wrath of their users, they have shown great fearfulness of the potential wrath of other companies, and it is Google / Alphabet in this case.
Still, as long as F-Droid client app is offered in the Jolla Store, one can easily install the Aurora Store app via F-Droid.