Min reply length in this forum

any chance to decrease min. length of an response ?



20 characters!!


Although the restriction can easily be circumvented, it still is unnecessary and could simply be dropped.

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because i did already 4 times had to write useless crap to full fill the check ?

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I know - but @fph knows even better :wink:

He must have a magic pen.

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Thanks for the help.

just to clarify: that was ironic.
@attah what do you do to have shorter replies ?

Maybe there is some sort of Markup, something to do with Hypertext perhaps, that could be used to represent a space character using non-whitespace characters in a sort of escape sequence…

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I don’t know which tricks @attah is using, but at least one possibility to circumvent message character limits is the invisible zero-width space, which you can enter using Ctrl+Shift+U 200B. It still means you need to type more than you should, though.


Just to state explicitly a working version of the trick: you can add a sufficient number of times the string  , which is an HTML escape sequence that expands to an invisible Non-Breaking SPace. Each one counts six characters.

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Compilation of tricks:

  • add sufficient (20 chars) numbers of  
  • add sufficient (20 chars) numbers if chars inside <> like <abcde...>
  • add CTRL-SHIFT-U (not tested myself, but would be preferred)
  • possibly: after short message a line break (return) and sufficient number (20 chars) of _ like ______

Actually all these tricks still require me to type the useless extra characters, they only hide them from the reader. So it might be nice to lift the restriction to spare the extra effort, which to my understanding benefits nobody.

@davidrasch: It is all about making fun with nonsense

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I don’t see the problem with a minimum reply length. In my experience, short responses usually clutter the threads. If you want to say thank you, β€œlol”, β€œI have the same problem”, or acknowledge something, there is the heart icon which you can use. In case of an answer to your problem, there is a β€œmark as solution”.

Are there any sort of replies that cannot be expressed with those tools above?


really ?
i do a bug report and based on the hearts i get, one sees how may can reproduce that ?
hope jolla is aware of that :slight_smile:

I disagree. This set-up conveys the idea that normally an answer should not contain just β€œok” or β€œme too”. If occasionally a short answer is fine, then there is a workaround to do it, but think twice before doing that because chances are that it is a poor one and you should really put more effort in it.

So basically this is the equivalent of a dialog box β€œthis answer seems unusually short for our standards; recall that answers should contain more effort than just a simple ok, me too, etc. Are you sure you want to go ahead and post it? y/N”.