Migrate Whisperfish to another device

Hi there,

is there an easy way to migrate Whisperfish to a new device?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Yes, it’s very easy:

  • Make sure you have the latest version of Whisperfish installed on both devices.
  • Install My Backup (available on OpenRepos) on both devices.
  • Open My Backup on your old device and add Whisperfish to the backup.
  • Make a backup in the system settings of your old device.
  • Move the backup to the new device and restore it.
  • Open Whisperfish on the new device (and make sure you don’t open it again on the old device).

If you moved from a device with ‘nemo’ to one with ‘defaultuser’, you’ll have to do one additional step:

  • Modify the file /home/defaultuser/.config/harbour-whisperfish/harbour-whisperfish.conf, and replace all mentions of ‘nemo’ in it by ‘defaultuser’.