Microsoft ends basic Exchange authentication on October 1st

As announced in October 2020, this October basic authentication for Exchange gets deprecated by Microsoft. This will end the interoperability of SailFish OS Exchange connector with Exchange, unless fixed. Please fix this.

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I agree. I will need to feature as well.

It’s a pity but… M$ email, calendar etc. works fairly well with the Sailfish Browser or any other.

Please search before posting. This has been brought up several times before.

I have searched and at no point it was clear whether this is going addressed or not. So maybe it is better not to be hostile about unanswered questions.

That is not sufficient. I want this integrated in my calendar and mail, not via a browser. Mobile browsing is a pain anyway, let alone for applications that are much better done in an app.

That does still not warrant creating duplicate threads, just posting a “me too” in the old one, and perhaps taking it to the community meeting.