Microsoft accounts not really working in mail app

hello guys, since i turned on the phone this morning, all my ms accounts ask me to re enter my credentials

done multiple times now but as soon as i trigger a sync the message pop up again, and this is only happening with my ms accounts, no problem at all with my pec or vivaldi account

is anybody experiencing the same?

just for info, i checked on pc and everything is ok…


I started encountering this yesterday, updating the account doesnt work. Re-adding the account seems to solve the issue at first, only until it stops working again.


There are long standing issues with Office365/Exchange Accounts on SFOS - synchronisation failures possibly to do with when network access changes from mobile to WLAN and vice versa. See:

This is an issue with the regular email account not an Office365/Exchange one. And I confrim that this happens on wifi without switching (no active mobile data plan)

Apologies, I assumed that ‘MS accounts’ in the original post meant ‘Microsoft Accounts’, i.e. Office365 or Exchange. It obviously means something different in this context.

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No no i was talking about the usual microsoft mail, anyway seems it’s working again now, who knows…

Any such problems may well be unrelated to Sailfish OS as have had such “credential issues” using Hotmail with Mail for Mac for the last 48 hours.

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So you think it’s ms?cause now is complaining again

MS Teams was down worldwide today.

Something or someone made a booboo in the Microsoft world - I’d give it a few days maybe it will work itself out.

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Maybe it appears on my XA2 PLUS, but I keep getting the emails, sometimes there is a synchronization error, I hit update and the emails start to arrive, I think it has something to do with the next version of sailfish os, or something is moving it on the jolla servers, it’s just my imagination, I don’t know anything about software development, I’m just a simple user