Microphone loudness

I had people complaining that recorded videos (via stock camera) or voice messages (via signal android app) are not loud enough from my xperia 10iii. Does anyone have a workaround?


I do not have a solution for you, but I have the same problem with any sound recorder. Both Jolla recorder and the one by @osetr from OpenRepos, and also stock camera. (I think I compiled aarch64 myself, for the one by @osetr.)
Sound is barely audible in any recording with my X10III.

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I’ve noticed this too on my XA2. I recorded an interview with the Jolla sound recorder and I had to boost the volume a lot in Audacity afterwards.

I’m not sure if this helps but I did spot this recently and thought it might be relevant, specifically point 2.

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Did you try the pactl set-source-volume 2 300% command?
I wonder if it also affects phone calls.


At least the audiorecorder is affected. And 300 seems indeed a good factor.
I wonder if one can adjust something like the basevolume permanently…

I will try calls later


Yes, it actually does work. I’m assuming that it resets when rebooting, so I guess it will have to be another use of qCommand.
Please let us know if you find the permanent setting.
I also haven’t had the opportunity to try phone calls yet.

I can now tell for sure that this workaround does not affect phone calls in the negative direction.
The next question is, is it time for a bug report?

Or at least a question in a community meetibng how to change the base volume of the mic

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Try it: pactl set-sink-volume 2 300%

But this does not work across reboots, right?

No, according to my yesterday’s test, it doesn’t.

Settings are not saved after reboot.

So, bug report filed. Ping me if it’s not good enough.


Just the other day I stumbled across this:

So that would be the way to make it persistent. And aparently one would use 2 there instead of 1.

I also remember there were other good tips wrt (permanent) microphone adjustment.

I also have to add that it might be a hardware issue or a bit of dirt in the tiny hole.