Microphone blocker on Jolla 1

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is there any way to block the built-in microphone while not having a call on Jolla one, to fight surveillance. I tried to put a 3,5mm plug into the connector, but it did not mute the built-in mic, at least with the audio recorder when I tested. In some feature phones that does the trick. Is there some software settings that can disable the mic in conjunction with the physical plug in? Or is there some app that could do it like there is for Android phones?


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Hmm, I have a hardware and a software solution for you…

Hardware: https://www.amazon.com/Mic-Lock-Microphone-Blocker-Pack-Surveillance/dp/B01LPQJGA2/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=Mic+block&qid=1617051362&sr=8-2

Software: https://f-droid.org/en/packages/cityfreqs.com.pilfershushjammer/

I hope this helps dude. Also, No Cam is a good android app for blocking camera access to Android via way of Admin apps.

Shutdown and reboot is moderate fast as other solutions. So, my suggestion to address your requirement:
Shutdown your phone and remove the battery. That is a btw a Jolla1 phone feature :slight_smile:

Thanks for those suggestions. But the plug-in obviously does not work as I tried to attach some headphones into it and still the audio recorder was able to pick the sound from the internal mic. I am not sure how it would be during phone calls though. Bu the software sounds interesting. I will try it. I also ordered this kind of mic blocker in case I will need it one day. It should be similar to the one you linked, but cheaper. https://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/0.html?spm=a2g0s.9042647.0.0.304a4c4dFIWhFp&orderId=8128443933532284&productId=4000140021655

But I will need to keep it online and ready for call:) I was looking at some KaiOS feature phones from Nokia. Maybe they have better response to the physical plug, but the OS is married to Google so I’m not sure if it’s a smart move privacy wise? What you think?

Mic Block has one that blocks the mic and lets stereo passthrough still occur

Well Pilfershush is only running for the Android side of things…

I’d think that trusting SFOS for stuff is better than not.

I tried to instal PilferShush Jammer, but it requires API/SDK 18 and Jolla 1 has 16 as maximum. So it’s out of question:/

So do you think it’s only the Android part of the phone that may allow the surveillance use of the mic, not the Sailfish OS? Like Instagram and Whattsapp etc? So what if I uninstall all android apps? But I recall Edward Snowden said even the old feature/dummy phones can listen to you so you should remove the battery. And those “operating systems” were not Android based.

You can prevent those apps from running once closed…

That and Mic Block would help.

Or just run the Android apps when you need to…

How I can prevent them? I could not even find the cam/mic settings on Whatsapp.

What is it? I can’t see it…

I fixed the typo. Now it reads how I CAN prevent them(the applications from running).

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On SailfishOS go to Settings > Apps > WhatsApp > uncheck Allow applicaiton backgroud services to start on bootup.
Next check F-Droid for an app called: Simple App Launcher