MicroG: Maps and location requiring apps crash

I recently reinstalled AlienDalvik due to weird issues with toolbar not showing making it hard to navigate apps that didn’t have their own button to go back a page and the app screen not resizing when opening the keyboard so I couldn’t see what I was typing most of the time. I made a backup of my old /home/.android.

Now I’ve installed MicroG and the checks show all green and I can use app that require Google Services unless the app needs to show some maps or get a location in which case the app crashes right away. Replacing the new .android directory with the old allows all the apps to work but the old issues are there so currently neither Android root provides a fully working system. If I was knowledged enough about the Android filesystem I could maybe try copy something from one .android to another and get one that works but I am not.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

EDIT: The original issues surfaced quite a long time ago but I was too lazy to address them before this. I don’t know what might’ve caused them.

Concerning your original issue:
did/do you have AlienDalvik Control from coderus installed?
There is a setting (two buttons) for hide/show the navigation bar. Maybe?

I did try that multiple times but it did not have any affect.

Okay, so apparently it’s not a smart move to install the apps from the backup’s data/app/*/base.apk files. After updating/reinstalling the apps from a proper source everything seem to be working.

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