MicroG 0.3.0 is available

I decided to manually check for MicroG updates in F-droid, because I remembered that some new version wasn’t recommened, and thus not automatically updated. Well, there were updates available for MicroG Companion and MicroG Services, in my case.

Narurally, I jumped right in and updated the packages. The result is that everything still works in my Android app roster, the existing banking apps included. I tried POP Pankki banking app, and lo and behold, it worked! It stopped working after some update a year ago (can be two? not sure) but now it works again!

So, if you need some app that doesn’t work with MicroG 0.2.x, there’s an update you could try.


Fdroid shows me only version 2.27 "latest’…and also the microg.org site.
What does microg companion do?

There is preview releases if you click the menu button, beside the download button, on microg.org site.
I think microG Companion replaces the older apk’s you can find under ‘Alternative downloads’.

I don’t know about the different components really, MicroG website and F-droid descriptions should provide the information.

The versions are visible in F-droid when I go to installed applications, click the said packages and expand “Versions” at the bottom.

I have X10III with, in case it matters.

I took some shots to explain…

It still looks like an incremental release.