Messed up contacts

i have an account at i have my contacts there, that i did sync once.
once cause the upload sync fucked up some contacts and downloadsync deletes the fav information.
however i did receice a call yesterday from andreas s, i pick up, it was andreas g.
when i look at the contact it shows andreas s, also in history, when i say edit i can choose from 5 contacts :smiley:
if i select andreas s, i see only the correct details of him
when i select andreas g, deto
when i select astrid l deto
so somehow these 5 contacts belong together on the phone, not in my cloud adress book. most of them do not exist any longer in the cloud. e.g. andreas s is not in my cloud adress book.
how could i check and fix that ?

This tutorial may help you and give you some hint: Moving a contact in another addressbook on Sailfish OS

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And I found this bug report: Contact messed up

Can you confirm it’s the same?

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Would say so, yesss seems very likely to be the case