Message Application fails to open - after having it open and in use while a new message arrives

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 100%
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product): Current Version Latest Release
HARDWARE (XA2, X10, X10 II, …): xa2
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): Not sure whats being asked


Message Application stops working and refuses to reopen.


Using the cell phone as one would use a cell phone


  1. open message application
  2. read a message in that application
  3. have a new message come in while you are in that message application.
    4)Close that message application
    5)Go and try to read that new message that came into that message application.
    6)click on icon for that message application.
    7)nothing happens unless you reboot that phone or some times it comes you can get access back to that message application if you wait 10 mins or so.


To work


It fails


(Please ALWAYS attach relevant data such as logs, screenshots, etc…) Just Fix it!

Ok this is getting so old man.

Things I tried… all of the options in systems utils no go…

Waiting no go… I even tapped out this message an you can see from the time stamp on the clock this thing is jacked up.

Do the devdevsdevs rerearead oh look whwhawhat hhahappens when I type… something has gone wrong…

anyway I was trying to type do tge devs even read these forums… will those that are having these failures doomed to waiting months to have this addressed ?

As someone said before maybe the install went bad…okay that could be true…Heay jolla customer service how about some guidance from the devs on this… my only choice is to reboot the phone because its stuck…this happens almost all the time since the update.

Screenshots… please not the time. ThisThis isis beyond rediclourediclousRidiculous …oh look the keyboyboakeyboard hhahas decided to chime in.

Seriously what is going on with this os. These are realtime runtime errors, there has to be an explanation for this. Thanks

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Confirm on XA2. It happens randomly, can’t find any pattern.


For your information, the regression field is used to indicate if a feature was working in a previous OS release, but does not work any more in the current OS release. So if you set it to yes, it means that you know that the feature wasn’t broken in the previous OS release, but is broken in the current OS release.

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I got the same behaviour.
Our issue was listed the first time in a huge topic. But since the last update when the issue appeared, we didn’t get any solution… It’s pretty annoying to have to reboot the phone because the most basic application of a phone (I include here only calls and messages) doesn’t work properly.
I pray for a solution soon.

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mine seems to do it even more frequently now after making my initial report. I wii be reading a message close it… try to reopen the message app and boom done and dusted…the message app has taken the rest ofof the day off.

This is getting real old…

Can confirm XA2 plus

Same problem here. XA2 Plus H4493

Some that may shed some light on the issue. When the messaging application goes into this state the button for unlocking the screen stops working. I have to press the volume down button and the screen come back so I can enter my lock code.

Has any one had that with there dual sim Sony X2A?

I wrote in a post that this issue may have been resolved with the latest patch…

I wrote too soon said… back in the damr boat… having to reboot to get the message apapplication to work again after crashing…


Try to get help from Jolla Care