Memory gets low. Unexpected

My XA2 says memory gets low.
What to do?

How can you tell? How do you measure?
(There are many other threads about how to interpret results that you may want to consult)
And depending on symptoms, perhaps there is already a thread for your case.

But basically your options are this:

  • Figure out what is doing it and don’t use that, change usage pattern, or where applicable report/fix a leak.

  • Buy a phone with enough RAM

  • Experiment with zram or swap

By memory, do you mean storage or RAM?

The term is sometimes used (and/or translated) ambiguously.


Storage… Systemstorage


Well the only simlple way is to uninstall apps - SFOS ones, as Android ones are stored in /home.

For more permanent but complicated solution(s), search the Forum for ‘root volume size’.