MeeRun won't install on Xperia 10 II

I recently switched to Xperia 10 II from XA2. I noticed that one app doesn’t work with new architecture as it is not possible to install. I followed the instruction on old jolla forum that work for me on XA2. To activate meerun repos on storeman and then install it ignoring dependencies.
When I try it on 10 II I get:

And When I try to install it directly from .rpm it shows:

So I understand there is no hack-way to install it?
Can I expect this app to be rebuild in near future?

I can go with android version for now, but the point of having sailfish is to use less of an android :stuck_out_tongue: especially when there is “native” app available

The X10II uses aarch64 64bit userland.
The package you downloaded is for 32bit and therefore can not be installed.

Which is what you are seeing.

You will have to find or create a 64bit build of that app, or get someone ro do that for you.

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I use ‘Kuri’ or ‘Laufhelden’ from openrepos, which are forks of meerun I think.

This is basicly what I said. Im new to sailfish but I can understand what system tells me :slight_smile:

I know this is continuation of meerun, but never used it as meerun was good enough for my needs. I did run with eCoach on N900 and I really like app that aren’t overly complicated. Running is about the run not app that tracks it :slight_smile:

Anyway is there a version good for my phone? Or is there anybody who can guide me how to rebuild the meerun to work on aarch64?

Couple of things:

  • the last release AFAICS of Meerun was 8 years ago
  • it is unlikely to work even if built for aarch64, if fact has been reported to not run on SFOS4.x
  • source is not available
  • alternatives exist, as mentioned, and were in part created because Meerun is not maintained any more

Looks like you can either look at the alternatives, or focus on running and do that without an app.

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Yep alternatives. I don’t know why I was so focused on meerun only. I think it’s because I installed it first and it worked on XA2.
I dig deeper and through Kuri instruction I was able to get chum repo and install Kuri with all dependencies.
So case is closed, Kuri works fine and it is all I need :slight_smile:
Thank you all for showing me the right direction :slight_smile: