Media player volume "ducking" during mp3 playback

I’ve noticed that on the native media player the volume decreases (or perhaps the audio focus “ducks” temporarily?) while listening to audio tracks which have short periods of silence in them.

To explain further, I have a few mp3’s in my collection which contain speech with short periods of silence. After a silence of, say, a few seconds the next part of audio fades in as if the volume has been lowered. The result, in the case of tracks containing speech, is that the first few words of every phrase a not audible due to the fade. Presumably this would also be noticeable with music tracks with periods of silence - think classical music, in particular.

Could it be that audio focus is being abondoned to another app when a certain period of silence is detected in audio playback or am I barking up the wrong tree? I’m aware of audio focus callbacks in Android for conditions such as “When playback stops abandon audio focus.”, but I’m not sure if things are implemented in a similar way in Sailfish OS.

Has anyone experienced something similar with audio content? Or any thoughts on the matter?

Just to be clear, I’m talking about audio within a single audio track, not fading in new tracks in playlist, which I’ve known some media players to do.

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