(media player) sort albums by date

some times ago the default media player used to sort albums in chronological order, opened it today but seems to sort things in alphabetical order, so i guess it was reverted back

i would say, please make the media player order them chronologically as it seems the most logical choice to me to order a record collection (and also what 100% of other players already does

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Yea, the Tracker3 update needed quite a bit of adjustments to the sparql queries and at the same time those got simplified a bit by just sorting alphabetically.

Could consider adding an option to do year based sorting. Wouldn’t necessarily go back to it by default because the metadata quality varies a lot and often the year is just missing, but an option to do that could be doable.


I would say, lollypop on pc sorts things by date and if a date on some record isn’t present then it sorts things alphabetically then starts with first dated album

Seems like a good idea to me

Anyway if that isn’t doable, an option is more than ok

Of course the option should be persistent, meaning that i shouldn’t have to set it all the times i open the app :slight_smile: