(media player) make settings consistent

In the default media player we have options to set shuffle or repeat, but they have to be set again after you close the app

Most of the time i forget about this and when the album ends i just have silence, cause i forgot to set the repeat again

Those settings should be made persistent so you won’t have to mess with them again (for example if you are driving and listening to music via bluetooth)

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This could be nice for some but then bad for some others. It’s also nice that the application starts in basic state, no track selected to be played, empty play queue etc. The repeat and shuffle states are not visible on the main view so restoring their state could be confusing. Hence I’m not yet sold on implementing such state saving.

@247 ~ Should be easy enough to make this into a patch for patchmanager, that’s assuming you use patchmanager, it pretty much only needs ‘import Nemo.Configuration 1.0’ and in the file add; ConfigurationGroup properties (id and path) with some set values.

Quick example;

import Nemo.Configuration 1.0
// other imports of course

Page {

    // example
    Slider {                
        id: hueSlider
        highlighted: true
        width: parent.width
        value: 1.0; stepSize: 0.05
        minimumValue: 0.0; maximumValue: 0.95
        label: "H : " + hueSlider.value.toFixed(2) + " %"
        onValueChanged: huesat.hue = hueSlider.value

    // other/your stuff

    ConfigurationGroup {
        id: settings
        path: "/apps/speedo-animations/new"
    Component.onCompleted: {
        hueSlider.value = settings.value("hueSliderValue", 1.0)
    Component.onDestruction: {
        settings.setValue("hueSliderValue", hueSlider.value)

I personally don’t use patchmanager (to much grief for me some how) and rarely use mediaplayer, but for anyone reading that can already make patches and is actively using said patches, it shouldn’t be too difficult to add some setValue to modes in mediaplayers pop-up controls.

@pvuorela ~ are you a Sailfish dev?. Regarding your comments, perhaps an icon can be added somewhere on the first page “Media” denoting with an icon of which of the controls have been selected to a setValue?, it’s not like there is not enough room to add something that tells the user, or even a notification bubble “you are in /shuffle/ mode”

Or just like when we wake our device up, the first row of the Launcher pops up for a moment, reminding us of where the launcher menu is. So why not have the same thing for mediaplayer, showing the selected user states. If the user makes no selection, the controls don’t pop up. I think this is probably quite easy to add to mediaplayer in my limited opinion.

Yea, I’m a dev. Some kind of extra notifications or such UI are maybe a possibility but I’m still not thrilled of adding extra things unless there’s a clear need. But sure this kind of feature requests can be reconsidered later the more there seems to be demand or use cases.


I hear you and get where you’re coming from.

I’m looking at MediaPlayerControlsPanel.qml right now, I can’t help but tinker.

EDIT: I’m unable to get ConfigurationGroup path to register any dconf paths, I take it that somehow, I am locked out of creating such things that are proprietary?

Meaning, if I set my ‘path:’ to ‘sailfish/mediaplayer’ ~ I’m then unable to find the created path when browsing through ‘dconf list /’

Even with no values set in onCompleted or onDestruction, the path cannot be found.

running from terminal;
dconf-CRITICAL **: 18:42:40.378: dconf_changeset_set: assertion ‘dconf_is_path (path, NULL)’ failed

I actually think you don’t need an extra notification for this

You just set the option one time and then the app just remember it, meaning that simply the button remains highlighted, and the same for the contrary (deactivated)

I say this because i’m actually annoied at hearing silence when eg i’m working and don’t want to touch the phone and the album finishes, or while driving

I’d rather have this option than silence, and the same for shuffle

I mean, i don’t really use shuffle but generally every player on pc behaves the same for those two options

But these of course are just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

@edz no i don’t use patchmanager but it might be a valid reason to start using it :slight_smile: